I imagine the thing about being a younger sibling is not only do you have your parents to see to your every need but you have constant entertainment from your older brother or sister.

This would explain how my baby daughter has settled into the Underwood household with ease. She’s chilled, has started babbling away and watches us all like a hawk.

She’s also a great sleeper like her brother and this week we had a night where everyone slept through. It was great, but Michael and I felt groggy with so much sleep. It turned out this was a one off… for now at least.

My son just adores his little sister. He’ll be darting around on his tricycle like a meerkat possessed and then suddenly stop to give her a kiss and cuddle, before returning to create more havoc.

It is the cutest thing; having a close age gap has meant there has been no jealousy at all.

He’s also a little entertainer and I’m not sure where he gets it from. He loves dancing, singing and expressing himself with gesticulations I’ve never seen before.

Sometimes my daughter will sit there and be in hysterics, laughing at her older brother.

He is also absolutely obsessed with anything orange. Orange the colour, orange juice, oranges, orange objects and even orange signage which is a tad difficult every time we drive past Sainsbury’s which he simply calls “shop!”.

Luckily this makes food shopping easy in one sense, but tricky when your husband is trying to sneak cakes into the trolley and your son is blatantly putting everything in.

My youngest loves it too; in fact she loves any outing and our double pram is getting lots of use. Here’s hoping the rain stops soon so we can all get out more next week.