A supply teacher who volunteers to work with victims of domestic abuse and helps care for children with learning disabilities has said she never tires of juggling her many charitable commitments.

New Malden mum Uzma Sadiq, 45, helps raise awareness about Kingston’s domestic violence service, the One Stop Shop, and often helps by meeting victims to help with translation or to provide culture specific help.

The primary school teacher, currently working in Lambeth, also volunteers in a shared foster care programme where she regularly helps look after two young boys with autism and Asperger syndrome.

Mrs Sadiq said: “I wanted to become a foster carer, but I realised you had to give up the children after building up that close relationship.

“I thought that would be quite difficult but when this shared opportunity was given to me it was excellent.

“We go shopping, feed the ducks, play games – it is extremely rewarding. I have a lovely relationship with the children.”

Mrs Sadiq, who also runs Chessington security and leisure training company Vital Training Solutions, has also been giving her time to Kingston’s Islamic Resource Centre charity for 13 years.

Her busy schedule also includes co-facilitating a domestic abuse victims’ empowerment programme called Wednesday’s Women.

She said: “Somebody has got to do something for the community.

“If we all abandon the community what’s going to be left? It is really important.”

In her spare time the mother-of-two, who is addicted to American television show Revenge, plays basketball and enjoys spending time with her children at the golf range.

Kingston’s crisis and risk manager Jo Keogh, who heads up the One Stop Shop, said: “Uzma was an integral part of the One Stop Shop – she was there from right at the beginning. She does everything without getting paid. She is amazing.

“I am honoured to have her as a friend and colleague.”

On being nominated an unsung hero, Mrs Sadiq said: “I am very flattered and honoured. I did not expect it. I have never done anything and expected something back in return. I just want people to be happy.”