Newly-qualified social workers at Kingston Council can expect to deal with between 12 and 15 cases at any one time.

Senior workers might have to take on as many as 18 complex cases, according to a freedom of information response from the council.

A council spokesman said: “The number of children allocated to each social worker takes account of their experience and the complexity of the work to be undertaken.

“Caseloads are currently within targets for 2013/14 and are monitored weekly to ensure that they remain at manageable levels.”

The average child safeguarding caseload is 15 and for a worker dealing with looked-after children, the figure is 14, the spokesman added.

Kingston Council is still waiting for the results of an independent inquiry into accusations social workers failed murdered Kingston woman Charito Cruz and then changed records to cover up the mistakes.

Domestic violence campaigner Davina James-Hanman was appointed to produce the report in September 2011 but, speaking to the Surrey Comet in February last year, warned it would take a long time because of backlogs at the Home Office.

The authority employs 42 qualified social workers in children’s services, and 52 in adult social care – not including team managers.

There are 23 and 13 temporary workers in those departments, respectively, working an average placement of 4.6 months.

How much are social workers paid?

  • Entry level and qualified social workers: £30,693 to £34,887
  • Principal or senior social worker: £34,887 to £39,351
  • Lead practitioner or practice manager: £40,188 to £40,706