A second man has been charged with attempting to murder a drinker at an Elvis night.

Stephen Shearwood, 50, of Shepherds Bush Road, Shepherds Bush, was initially facing charges of grievious bodily harm at the Chessington Oak pub.

But prosecutors added an attempted murder charge when he appeared at Kingston Crown Court on Friday.

Mr Shearwood and John Thorp, 48, of Centre Drive, Epping, both deny attempting to murder Gino Taffurelli with a Stanley knife at the Moor Lane pub on September 13 last year.

They also deny causing him grievious bodily harm.

An application for bail by Shearwood was denied.

A trial is expected to beging on March 11 at Kingston Crown Court.

Mr Taffurelli was said to be "lucky to be alive" after suffering a slash wound to his throat.