The woman airlifted to hospital after being hit by a BMW driver who went the wrong way down Kingston’s one-way system, says she is “absolutely frightened” of roads following her ordeal.

The woman who asked not to be named and lives with her husband in Kingston nearby, was one of three people struck by Shibo Li on July 8 last year, when the 49-year-old careered out of Fife Road the wrong way into Clarence Street.

Mr Li, the manager of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture in Fife Road, hit three pedestrians and crashed into a double decker bus, before claiming he had been spooked by a cyclist.

The woman was airlifted to hospital with what para-medics described as “serious leg injuries”, but the full extent of the damage has only now been revealed.

She said: “My husband dropped me off near the traffic lights. I was standing there with my son and we were crossing the road.

“From what I can remember there was a lot of screaming going on. I turned around to see and it was already too late. I thought: ‘that’s it, I’m gone’.

“I felt him hit me and the next thing I know I’m on the floor. There were police and walking doctors then a cycling paramedic came and they called the air ambulance.

“My son and husband had to watch all that.

“They took me to the Royal London Hospital. I don’t remember going in the air ambulance – I was on so much morphine it knocked me out.”

Surgeons had to pin a metal rod in her right leg, as well as a metal plate in her right wrist. She added: “I had fractured my pelvis and had a crack in my back where the pelvis joins. I had head injuries.

“I developed a clot in my lung, which had travelled from my leg. I spent three months in a wheelchair, and another three months learning to walk with a crutch.

“I need a lot of physio and counselling – I have nightmares all the time.

“I can’t go out by myself anymore. If I need to go anywhere I have to ask a member of the family to come with me. I’m absolutely frightened of the roads.”

Mr Li, of Melrose Avenue, Wimbledon, was banned from driving for six months and fined £300 by magistrates in December. She said: “If he [Li] only got that then it means anybody can go out and hit anybody and think they can get away with it.

“It’s disgusting. To say he panicked isn’t an excuse.”