A former police officer still gives his time as a volunteer for Twickenham and Kingston police despite ongoing health problems.

Philip Cockle’s battle through everyday life with mobility issues has even won him a Metropolitan Police award for his commitment.

The 55-year-old, who lives in Kingston, said: “My manager nominated me, which was fantastic.

“It’s a part of my life, although my family, friends and hobbies take up my time during the rest of the week, I look forward to coming into Twickenham or Kingston on a Monday and making a contribution towards policing in London.”

Mr Cockle, 55, creates two reports each week on data from Twickenham and Kingston – one which helps track the arrests of the most serious offenders and another that targets areas with antisocial behaviour problems.

He said: “After I stopped working I was a bit lost and had no productive vehicle to channel my mind.

“The physical challenge of just getting into the station at times is a struggle, but it helps to keep me moving. If I stopped I would seize up.

“My default answer to any request is ‘yes’, then I have to work out how to do it, but that is the challenge I enjoy most – stretching myself to find solutions and new methods of doing things.”

Richmond borough commander Debra Towns said: “Philip is an amazing man who despite his deteriorating mobility is one of our amazing Richmond volunteers.

“He does a great deal to support the leadership team at Twickenham and always does so with a smile.”

She added: “I felt very honoured and humbled to attend the awards, hearing the amazing achievements and acts of bravery carried out in the Met.

“It reminds me of the range of challenges that we face daily in London and the commitment those in the Met family have to fighting crime and keeping communities safe.”

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