The owner of a Kingston pizza restaurant chased a food hygiene inspector down the road shouting at him after being told his dirty eatery breached food hygiene laws.

Daniele Ragona, who owns Bruschetta in London Road, was told in June 2012 to improve hygiene conditions at his restaurant, following a visit by Kingston Council inspectors.

After a brief period of improvement, inspectors returned to find the premises below standards.

This time, Mr Ragona, 51, became obstructive, pushing an inspector and following him down the street shouting at him, Lavender Hill Magistrates' Court heard.

A follow up visit in February 2013, this time in the company of the police, found dirty and greasy work surfaces, poor cleaning equipment, dusty and dirty flooring, and no hot water from the kitchen tap.

Plastic trays used to drain washed dishes and cutlery were dirty and black with signs of mould in places.

Mr Ragona, 51, pleaded guilty to three offences at the magistrates' court last week, and was fined £3,000.

He was also ordered to pay £690 costs plus a £100 victim surcharge.

The court also heard how Mr Ragona, an experienced restaurateur, had suffered from illness and financial troubles, and apologised for the offences and the way he behaved.

Kingston Council leader Liz Green said: “We take any risk to public health very seriously, and work with food businesses to help them comply with the regulations.

"In this case there were warnings and opportunities to improve, but ultimately it was so serious that we had to prosecute.”

You can check the hygiene rating of any restaurant in Kingston by visiting the Foods Standards Agency website.