A family were left physically sick and disgusted when they discovered maggots in their full English breakfast.

When mum Georgina Smith, 38, stocked up on tinned tomatoes from Tesco Extra in Beverley Way, New Malden over the Christmas period, she did not expect to find a little grub tucked in her fried brekkie.

But the mother-of-three who sat down for a leisurely Sunday meal on January 5 including eggs, bacon and grilled tomatoes got off lightly .

Her partner Jim Stoakes, 39, who works as an engineer for Bosch, was not so lucky. Miss Smith, of Claremont Avenue, said: “Jim had demolished his breakfast. I sat down and picked the tomato up to my fork. I pressed down and that thing sort of popped out. It oozed out.

“It was just absolutely disgusting. I was violently sick immediately.

“Jim did not look right an hour after – he was sick and had stomach cramps and diarrhoea. He was in bed for three days. He was really, really poorly.

“We as a family have steered clear of anything tomato based – bolognaise, lasagne. None of my lot fancy it.”

The London Pumps employee said it was just as well her three children James, 20, Ben, 18 and Hannah, 16, had never been fond of tomatoes.

She said: “The children did have breakfast but none of my lot like tomatoes and they definitely won’t now. We have not stepped foot in a Tesco since. We have not had an apology from the store.

“We went to Asda for our weekly shopping this week. It was certainly a lot cheaper.”

A spokeswoman for Tesco said: “We set ourselves very high standards for the safety and quality of our food. We’ve given Mrs Stokes a full refund and will be looking into the matter.”