Essence had its licence removed this week after clubbers took part in a 30-man brawl.

Faris Al-Jawad asked Kingston shoppers whether poor management was to blame for high crime figures or whether businesses were being scapegoated.

Surrey Comet:

Chad Edwards, 20-year-old student from Kingston said: "The club has to regulate who goes in but at the same time these people are adults, obviously they go out to have a good time but don’t ruin everyone else’s fun. 

"I guess they need to be stricter on who they let in otherwise they’re bound to get trouble."

Surrey Comet:

Vicky Crane, 40, a mother from Kingston said: "If they want to keep it, they need better security that actually do their jobs rather than stand there looking clever.

"If my children go into a club when they’re teenagers, I’d hope the people who run the establishment are doing everything the right way.”

Surrey Comet:

Michelle Newman, a 39-year-old salesperson from Kingston, said: "You’ll never stop people going out fighting, once alcohol is involved, whether or not everyone’s doing their job properly.

"If someone’s got the hump, they’re going to start. You’ve just got to have a good team around you to stop it quick, before it ends up in a 30 man brawl."

Surrey Comet:

Lance Fleming, 20, salesperson from Kingston, said: "The manager’s are not strict enough about people going in drunk.

"They should have bouncers and a copper there so they can see if someone’s acting a bit suspicious and wanting to cause a bit of trouble and so it’s more secure for people who are going into clubs.”

Surrey Comet:

Edison Lodetti, 49, a shop owner from Kingston, said: "If people are drunk it’s very difficult to control them. I’ve never seen any problem at that club. 

"Kingston is very strict. If you don’t have ID you don’t go in. Some clubs if you don’t have a girl you don’t go in. The bouncers here are very strict. The problem is not the club."

Surrey Comet:

Annie Poulter, 47, a holiday consultant from Thames Ditton (pictured with Ivan Brown), said: "It’s down to the management and who they allow in.

"They should make sure the ID is proper ID because an Oyster card is not proper identification. If they’re letting that slip through their fingers it could attract a bad crowd."