When we launched our Unsung Hero feature in April 2012, there were some sceptics who did not imagine it would still be going 21 months later.

But you have risen to the challenge, nominating your friends, colleagues and neighbours, recognising their accomplishments and applauding those who rise above the drudgery of everyday life to go the extra mile.

Gardeners, bin-men, charity fundraisers, cooks, station workers and lollipop ladies have all been put forward, and, without blowing their own trumpets, accepted a moment’s embarrassment in this newspaper with good grace.

Nearly 90 people have been written about, inspiring those around them that we can all make a small difference where we are.

The Surrey Comet would like to go further, bringing these people together in some sort of event to share stories and thank them for what they do.

If you or your company would like to help support the event please email assistant editor David Lindsell on dlindsell@london.newsquest.co.uk with how you can help.

It may be sponsorship to pay for a few drinks, or the offer of a hall to put the event on.

Not everyone gets to rub shoulders with royalty by receiving an MBE, but let’s celebrate the people who work behind the scenes to make our borough so special.

Visit our Unsung Hero page for a selection of our Unsung Heroes so far.