More than a dozen babies opened their eyes on New Year’s Day in Kingston Hospital this month.

Hospital staff helped to deliver 12 little ones – seven girls and five boys on January 1.

The first baby that made it through on the day came at 4am to parents Melissa and David McGill, from North Cheam, following a 36-hour labour that resulted in a caesarean.

Baby Phoebe came in at seven pounds and three ounces.

The glowing new mum, who works for Richmond Council, said: “It was a long labour that started on the day before New Year ’s Eve so when she came at 4am we were quite shocked she was the first baby born.

"She was actually due on December 23 so she was late.

“But this was one New Year that we will never forget.

"I am happy to be back home waiting for all the friends and family to ascend on us. She is a bundle of joy – she is quite content and very alert.”