Vehicles have been crossing the new Greenway in Tolworth Broadway in order to save journey time, according to witnesses.

The Greenway was designed to be shared by pedestrians and cyclists, but tyre marks have appeared on it and shop workers tell of drivers using the path as a short cut.

A worker at the EnhanceAble charity shop next to the petrol station said: "Cars have been seen to go on the central bit, turn around, and go the other way.

"I think it’s just people get so impatient."

Caretaker Steve Bassett, from Surbiton, said: “Something needs to be done about it.

"I just see the fresh tyre tracks pretty much on a daily basis.

"They're going to get used to doing it."

Tolworth and Hook Rise councillor Vicki Harris said: "Take a photo. Get a registration plate – that’s what we need.

"Obviously it is an issue. There’s plans, and always has been, for a major review of the scheme in the new year.

"All these sorts of things that are being brought up at the moment clearly will be looked at."

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