The Kingston ‘fatberg’ made up of balls of fat and clumps of wetwipes is still causing misery in the town centre.

London Road has been partially blocked for repair works for four weeks after investigators from Thames Water found a 15 tonne fat blockage which could fill up an entire double decker bus – in a sewage pipe underground.

But the water company is still unable to say when its ‘fatberg’ works will be finished despite all the goo being pumped out last month.

A Thames Water spokesman said: “A significant portion of the sewer, which was laid by the Victorians, is broken.

“The road over the sewer has been dug up and investigations are ongoing to establish how much of the old pipe needs replacing.

“Until the extent of the damage is known it is not possible to say for sure when we’ll be off the road. We are sorry for the inconvenience this is causing to road-users and residents.”

Investigators were initially sent in after nearby residents complained of trouble flushing their toilets.

At the time investigators said they had not seen anything like it before but if it had not been treated Kingston could have had raw sewage spurting out of its manholes.

The fatberg caught the imagination of the internet.  

More than 100,000 people have viewed a video of the fatbusting exploits on YouTube and the firm which removed the fatberg has been contacted by journalists from as far afield as France and Germany.

Lynne Truss, a former Tiffin Schoolgirl, asked in her Daily Telegraph column why no-one had spotted it earlier, worrying about the inevitable onslaught of teenage mutant ninja turtles and albino crocodiles.

This week Private Eye referred to Communities and Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles as the 'fatberg'.

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