Two stall holders kicked out of Kingston’s Market Place have been offered the chance to continue trading for an additional three months.

David Wilson and Angela Lassiter were among three market traders told to leave the historic site by town centre managers Kingstonfirst, ahead of a revamp which will see the market sell hot and cold food exclusively.

Their eviction sparked outrage among shoppers, with a petition set up against the move attracting hundreds of signatures.

But the campaign failed to persuade Kingstonfirst, and Mr Wilson and Mrs Lassiter – along with a third stall holder, Lorna Herne – were booted off the market in May.

But now Mr Wilson and Mrs Lassiter have confirmed they have been offered an extension to stay at the market place until September.

An alternative offer of three months’ rent was also put on the table.

Mrs Lassiter, who runs a greeting card stall, has turned down the chance to return to Kingston, having moved to Leatherhead Market on Thursdays and Saturdays.

She is still considering the offer of compensation.

Mrs Lassiter said: “They offered us three months up to September, or three months’ worth of rent.

“If I went back for three months I’d only have to leave again and then I wouldn’t get on the Leatherhead market for Christmas.

“I’m a goner, I’m not going back in any way, shape or form.”

Mr Wilson, who ran a record and DVD stall for more than 35 years in Kingston, has not been working.

Mr Wilson, who paid more than £900 a month in rent, said: “What they have offered is not wholly satisfactory. I haven’t earned a penny in over a month.”

However, he said he had not rejected either offer outright, and was consulting with solicitors as to what to do next.

A spokeswoman for Kingstonfirst said: “I have no further update at this time.”