Firefighters have rescued a cat from a fire at a home in Surbiton this afternoon.

Crews from Surbiton and New Malden were called to a blaze in a basement flat in Langley Avenue at 1.45pm.

When they arrived, they found the pet seemingly dead from smoke inhalation.

But as the Surbiton crew tackled the fire, New Malden's green watch managed to revive the cat using breathing apparatus.

They drove the feline to Ditton Reach Veterinary Surgery, where it is understood the cat is now doing well.

New Malden watch manager Ray Foster said: "At first there appeared to be nothing in there, but while the crew was searching the flat they found a cat.

"They passed it through the window, and it first it appeared dead, but when we put some oxygen on it is started to spring back to life.

"We knew the cat wouldn't survive unless we got it to the vet so we rushed it there.

"They said it was in good condition to survive."

No one else was injured in the blaze.

The fire is believed to have been caused by a faulty electrical appliance.