Oceana nightclub has been told by a judge to hand over a list of crimes and incidents that had occurred at the superclub.

The ruling came from an appeal pre-case management hearing at Wimbledon Magistrates’ Court last Friday.

The 2,000-person capacity nightclub was represented by national Best Bar None chairman Philip Kolvin who argued against the release of its incident log.

He said: “If we are going to spend days of this court’s time talking about Jane and Michael who lost their phones please help us.”

He also described handing over the log as unlawful, outlandish and completely inconceivable outside of a criminal investigation.

But James Rankin, representing the police, said: “This is not a fishing expedition. We are exercising our rights. This is not the first time there has been a complaint in the way the premises have been managed.”

Leo Charalambides, representing Kingston Council, said handing over an incident log was part of the club’s licensing condition and unwillingness to do so sparked some concerns.

Despite being stripped of its licence in December last year, Oceana has remained open until its appeal was heard.

Jamie Sanderson, 20, from Southall, died from a single knife wound inflicted inside the Clarence Street venue on October 25.

The hearing also revealed senior police officers had refused to speak to senior management at the club, which is run by Luminar Leisure.

The club was able to fight off demands for medical logs and CCTV footage of its medical room to be handed over.

The request was turned down as it was felt the medical information was likely to be sensitive and personal.

Mr Kolvin said: “Were the police to request some 7,000 hours of CCTV footage of the inner workings of a medical group my client would not comply with that request.

“But if what is being said is that my client does not have procedures in place to protect people then let us find that out.”

A pre-trial hearing will be held on April 22 and the case has been allocated 10 days of court time beginning in May at Wimbledon Magistrates’ Court.

An incident log for the three months before and after October 24 has been ordered by Judge Baines.

l Ashley Milne, 22, and Brandon Francis, 19, both of Peckham, Benjamin Onwuma, 20, of Walworth, and Levan Greenfield, 22, still face trial accused of murdering Jamie Sanderson.