So, did we all enjoy Valentine’s Day yesterday? No, me neither. No romantic meal for me I’m afraid.

No turning up with a clump of self-penned sonnets in one hand and a heart-shaped chocolate box in t’other, followed by the loving refrain “get that down your cakehole love".

A quick internet search showed many restaurants in Kingston offering Valentine’s Day deals and special offers, but they weren’t going to snare me.

Oh no.

One anti-Valentine’s argument is that you should love your partner every day of the year and not just February 14.

This sentiment is obviously correct, but by that rationale shouldn’t we also be celebrating the birth of Christ every day of the year and not just on December 25.

Wizzard’s Roy Wood has been actively campaigning for this in song for many years.

And then there’s the pressure to enjoy yourself.

You must go out for a meal, you must smile at each other lovingly, you must have a good time.

It’s the same pressure you feel when you go out on New Year’s Eve. Can’t be dealing with it.

But no, the main reason I hate Valentine’s Day is because I always used to get ever-so-slightly irked seeing the herds of “smug marrieds” hogging the tables in restaurants during the dark days when I was a long-term singleton.

They just looked so... well, smug.

And now that I’m a “smug married” myself I’m certainly not going to go back on my bitter, twisted, totally unreasonable attitude and start getting involved with all that sort of caper.

That would be wrong.

And just in case you’re wondering, it was Mrs Curmudgeon who coined the phrase “smug marrieds”. Yep, we’re well suited!