A man and a woman claimed they had a £2million winning lottery ticket to con a 64-year-old man out of £30,000.

The victim was walking near the Poundland store in Worcester Park, on January 29 at around 1pm, when he was approached by the pair described as Indian looking.

The woman, who was wearing a brightly coloured sari, told the man she had a £2million National Lottery ticket but because she was a migrant worker she could not claim it.

The pair convinced the man that if he handed over the money he had in his bank that day, they would give him £500,000 if he helped them claim their £2million winnings.

The pair drove the man to his home in Shrubland Grove, Worcester Park, in a car, thought to be a black Range Rover, to gather his bank statements and passport.

They drove him to three banks in Worcester Park, North Cheam and Sutton High Street and waited inside the car while the man withdrew £10,000 in each.

They asked the man to pick up some medicine from a chemist in Throwley Way, Sutton, because the woman had been sick however when the man returned the pair had disappeared.

The man said he was not threatened or forced to hand over money. He reported the crime to the police four hours later.

The woman is described as Indian looking, about 40 years old, 5ft 4in tall, of large build and wearing a bright coloured Sari.

The man is described as an Indian Sikh male, about 25 years old, 6ft tall and wearing a black suit and turban.

If you have information, contact Sutton Police Station on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.