I am not sure if the developmental process of my son is more fascinating for him or me, because every day he seems to amaze me.

Whether he is going into my bag and pulling out the keys or heading to the door to try to open it.

I have even seen him attempting to zip up his coat when we were getting ready to leave the house.

I sometimes wish he would stay the same age forever, but then I get excited about what lies ahead (bar the teenage era I must proclaim).

My son is great at mealtimes and eats well with me or his dad feeding him.

This week, however, there were a few changes.

No longer was he throwing his fork on the floor for mummy to keep bending down to pick up, instead he started to feed himself, prodding his food, then putting it straight into his mouth.

We usually all eat together, so it was only a matter of time when he would want to join the grown up eating club.

We were clapping and cheering after each bite.

It was like he had just won a medal at the Olympics. Anyone without children would have thought we had gone mad.

So, as he had taken another leap forward towards being a mini man, it was time to get rid of his bath seat. We ordered a fun anti-slip mat online and we were set.

He could not wait to jump in and be free.

He was standing up, splashing around as it if was the first time he had been let out into the wild, like a baby otter.

Suffice to say, mummy and daddy looked like drowned rats by the end of bath time and had to change our clothes.

So it has been an eventful week and, like I said, I am not sure who is having the most fun.