The Seething Festival returns to Surbiton later this month with organisers promising it will be their biggest event yet.

The festival and parade will begin at 2pm on February 24 from St Andrew’s Square in the town centre.

This year, a series of crafts, music and drama workshops will be held at the Lamb in Surbiton in the week before the main event.

Charlotte Robson, who brought residents the Craft Inn, said: “The main new additions are the workshops and this is the first year we will be having stalls at the festival.

“We were told by about 10 people last year they had moved from other parts of the borough to Surbiton because of the activities we do.

“It is a great excuse to get everyone together.”

There will be two craft stalls and a bar this year. Miss Robson’s stall will have crochet, bags for sale, cushions, Lefi finger puppets and trinkets for children born in Seething. It is held to give Surbiton people the chance to celebrate the life of fictional legend Lefi Ganderson, better known as Lefi the Goat Boy.

Workshops will be held at the Lamb on February 16, 17, 20, 21, 23. Visit