Well first things first, happy new year to you all.

I, for one, cannot believe the festive season is over and we are now back to normality so to speak.

Yesterday I found myself running down the road in my pyjamas chasing the bin men to make sure all the remnants of indulgence were well and truly taken away.

However, when you have a little one there is no respite, as life carries on as normal no matter what the season.

For those that know us it is an eventful time of year. First there was the build-up to Christmas Day.

We were quite organised and made sure the fridge was stocked and we had all the provisions needed.

It was just the three of us – our first Christmas as a family, which was stress free, exciting and mind-blowing, as this time last year our son was still hibernating in me.

Next day was Elijah’s first birthday.

Now for a year we have had the odd comment about people feeling sorry for him because his birthday falls on Boxing Day and part of me did feel a little bad, but I was determined to make it special.

I made a cake and had previously sent an email to some friends and to my surprise, lots of people came over to celebrate.

He was in his element opening his second round of presents, even though the wrapping paper was much more appealing.

I breathed a sigh of relief. So then came December 27 – our wedding anniversary.

Michael had forgotten a card with everything else going on and by this stage we were so tired plans to go out were thrown aside and we decided to simply have a takeaway and watch a DVD.

I think I know who has drawn the short straw and it definitely is not my son.

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