A psychiatric patient is to be questioned by police after he went on a rampage in Switzerland and shot three people dead in a similar attack to the Claygate family murdered in the French Alps.

The man, said to be 33-years-old, left three people dead and two badly injured after the attack on Wednesday, which had strong similarities to the murders of three members of the Al-Hilli family in September 2012.

The Swiss gunman went on the rampage in Dallion, a village less than 100 miles away from Annecy, where the Al-Hilli’s were shot.

The gunman is reported to have blasted victims with shots to the head and chest using ex-military weapons.

Oaken Lane resident Saad Al-Hilli, 50, his wife Iqbal, 47, her mother, Suhaila al-Allaf, 74, and French cyclist Sylvian Mollier, 45, were also killed after being shot in the head several times by a gunman.

The two Al-Hilli daughters, aged four and seven, survived the attack.

The survivors of the Swiss attack are “critical but stable” after being airlifted to hospital.

Police are now waiting at the bedside of the gunman in intensive care to question him after police marksmen shot him on Wednesday night.

He is reported to “soon be in a position to speak” and in a “stable” condition.

Police are currently at a dead end with the investigation into the murders of the Al-Hill’s, but prosecutors have previously said that a deranged gun enthusiast with a history of psychiatric problems was high on their list of possible suspects.

French and Swiss police have confirmed that the Daillon gunman would be questioned about the attack in Chevaline in September.

A Swiss spokesman said: “Our inquiry will investigate every element of the attack, including possible links with nearby crimes.”

The latest suspect fits the profile outlined by French prosecutor Eric Maillaud. He said: “We are looking for unbalanced people capable of extreme violence.

"People who have access to weapons – hunters, collectors, shooting club members, some with psychiatric problems."