A motor scooter rider spent New Year’s Eve on crutches after being knocked off her scooter on Christmas Day by a hit-and-run driver.

Simon Heathorn, 38 and Natalie Wright 36, were both riding to their home in Tudor Drive, Kingston, to spend their first Christmas at home together.

They were returning from visiting Mr Heathorn’s mother - who suffers from Alzheimers disease - in Worcester Park when the incident happened just after 5pm in Kingston Road at the junction with South Lane West.

Miss Wright, who works in investment banking, suffered severe internal bruising and lacerations to her knee and was taken to Kingston Hospital.

She had to have stitches and has been on crutches since, celebrating New Year’s Eve at home.

She said: “I saw a car coming towards me so I slowed down but he carried on as if I was not there. I had no time to brake. I hit the side of the car. I hit the bonnet. I bounced of it. I remember hitting a lot of things. 

“I felt the tyre go past my face – the breeze of it. He just carried on – dragged my bike and nearly ran over my head.”

Mr Heathorn, a credit controller, said:  “I was in front – she was tailing me. I looked in my rearview mirror.  He didn’t stop or brake. It was like she did not exist.  I saw my fiance lying on the floor.

“We were excited about spending our first Christmas together. We were going to cook a meal and crack open a bottle of champagne. Christmas was ruined."

A Kingston police spokesman said: “Officers were called to a hit-and-run collision involving a car and moped on Christmas day.

“The driver of the car did not stop at the scene. Enquiries are ongoing to locate the driver to speak to them regarding the collision.”

Miss Wright said: “I don’t know if the person just was not looking, whether they were drunk or on drugs. It was like I was invisible.

“It just drove off at like 20 miles per hour – not speeding. It’s as if it did not happen. I thought I had broken my back. It was awful but I am happy to be alive.”