A man who stabbed a clubber five times inside Oceana nightclub has been jailed for seven years.

Hoopang Wong, 25, claimed he accidentally cut Karlos Fredericks in self defence during a fight at the Clarence Street venue on May 20 this year.

But he was today sentenced to seven years in prison after being found guilty of wounding with intent on November 12 following a trial at Kingston Crown Court.

Wong said during his trial that Mr Fredericks had attacked him, and after finding a flick knife on the floor of the club, he accidentally cut the victim in self defence.

Mr Fredericks received four cuts to his legs, including one down to the bone, and a fifth to the chest.

At Kingston Crown Court today, Recorder Michael Hunter told Wong: “This was a very nasty incident and I have a duty to protect the public.

“I would be failing to protect the public if I did not pass upon you a substantial custodial sentence.”

Defending Wong, Nathalie Carter had earlier described her client as a “warm, loyal and sensitive young man,” with aspirations of becoming a tattoo artist.

She also submitted letters to Mr Hunter, written by Wong and members of his family.

The judge accepted that Wong had not intended to kill Mr Fredericks as the majority of injuries were to the legs.

But he took into account the fact Wong, from Northolt in Middlesex, had two previous convictions for possessing a knife in a public place, serving an eight week prison sentence for the second offence in 2007.

Mr Hunter said: “I have to take into account the fact that you have previous convictions for possession of a rather similar knife, and I’m sure you would have been warned in the past if you were to use such a knife again.

“I have read your very well constructed letter and I have read about you, and I take into account your expressions of remorse.

“But I could have given you much more credit if you had pleaded guilty on this matter and not blamed the victim. You have robbed me of the opportunity of giving you a greater discount.

“I take into account four of the wounds and two of the deep wounds were deliberately made by you on the legs.

“In fairness to you, I am therefore giving you credit for the fact that when you used the knife the way you did you were taking care not to inflict life threatening injuries, although I am aware that such injuries can cause death.

“I can only hope that when you are released from prison you will use your potential and never return to prison or court again.”