Like other parents who have a new born, I wondered when I’d give my baby his first haircut.

There are a bunch of old wives’ tales and superstitions out there saying you shouldn’t cut your baby’s hair until after they are a year old and this was discussed with my better half.

Now we are not the sort of people who believe in myths and legends, but if I’m honest, it did play on our mind a little.

After all, who wants to be accused of bringing bad luck on your own child?

However, after three months, we caved in as our son was starting to look like Krusty the clown, and, at the end of the day, you don’t need the added pressure of people quietly judging you.

All in all he’s had about three trims at home to keep his little afro tamed.

At first he was cool with it, but as he has got older it has become less appealing as it eats into his precious play time.

So this week we had a family day of errands to run locally and Michael decided he’d get his hair cut.

Elijah was fascinated at being in the new world of the barber shop wondering what the man was doing to his dad.

I didn’t realise how much skill and precision went into getting the right fade in order to look dapper and sharp (sorry guys).

On the spur of the moment we thought Elijah should have his first haircut in the barbers.

He sat on daddy’s lap like a good boy and had the cape put on him and quietly admired his new look appear before him in the mirror.

Phew. No tantrums or bribery needed. Instead two very good looking boys to escort me home.