A nurse who uses “magic spray” in blood tests, and shares a first name with a popular children’s dragon, is brightening up Kingston Hospital.

Nurse and phlebotomist Yoshi Bunce, 46, said: “I am a kid at heart. I like to tell the kids I’m using magic spray, and when I tell them my name is Yoshi they say they relate me to the dragon from [Super] Mario.

“I tell them next time I see them I will wear the green costume.”

After nearly 22 years of working in different wards, she joined paediatric outpatients last November.

Her experience ranges from orthopaedics to accident and emergency and pathology.

She said: “There is a big difference between working with adults and children. You have to deal with a child’s parents, and they are always anxious about their little ones.

“With the adults you can basically talk to them but with a little child you cannot. The whole emotions are just so different.”

The ward deals mostly with children who go through Great Ormond Street hospital, and works with a lot of charities.

Mrs Bunce said: “It is hard because you get very poorly kids. We get babies brought in who are ill and need urgent attention, and I just feel so blessed that I have got the skill that I can do that, and can contribute to making sure a child gets better.”

“It is always about caring for people or patients, and it never finishes. There’s always another path for you to go on.”

Her responsibilities involve greeting patients, making sure doctors are kept up-to-date, and preparing the children’s blood tests.

She is married and has a son aged 17 and a daughter aged 16.

She said: “I’ve got a son with cerebral palsy, and I guess part of the reason I went into paediatrics is I knew if I could share my experience with parents they wouldn’t feel so alone.”

Mrs Bunce enjoys sewing, and has been making felt poppies for the British Legion for four years. This year she raised just over £700 for the charity.

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