So I’ve had a week crammed full of entertaining my little ones for half term as well as fitting in a day where I was meant to be extra ‘loving’ to my long-suffering husband. Well it’s just another day in my opinion if I’m totally honest and this year we didn’t even bother with cards (not that we made a point of doing that may I add) however, we did grab a bite to eat in Kingston (not that we need an excuse to do that either)!

What I continually have to explain to my other half, especially when there’s no school, is that once you have children, there are no such things as ‘lie-ins’ or even  ‘days off’ so every day is all systems go and that includes Valentine’s Day! So we’ve been catching up with chores which included cleaning the cooker (Michael’s job), mopping the floors (I take this one) and scrubbing the bathrooms (I’ve now said this job has to be shared with no discussion).

We’ve also taken time to make good any old bits in the  house so Michael has been upcycling away in the porch as we try and spruce things up a bit. Our new shelves look lovely and the new space created has been amazing. So much so, we’ve had fun putting out new frames with pictures and opening boxes containing some of our wedding presents that can now finally be put out on display. We even were gifted by the children’s god-parents with the last printed edition of the Britannica Encyclopaedia’s to put up too, books I used to refer to as a child, and you know how much I love nostalgia! They are in perfect condition and I’ll be flicking through them to get my brain cells working again.

But please don’t think I run some sort of boot camp here and all fun is banished! We’ve been on or bikes around Ham, spent time baking, visited friends and had a trip to the cinema at the Rotunda. All I need now is another half term so that I can actually have a break. But like I said to Michael, there’s no rest for the wicked and it’ll be back to the school run before we know it!