I like technology, I really do, but I know my husband would disagree.

Let’s take the television for example. We’ve had ours for nearly ten years and it works fine and the picture is decent (apart from two pixels that are broken from the children throwing their toys at it), but he still craves a newer version with all the trimmings.

Then it’s mobile phones. As long as I can make a call, receive an email and text now and then, I don’t care what model it is.

This somehow winds Michael up, especially as my upgrade phone is still in the box upstairs – I just can’t be bothered transferring all my contact details!

However, the one thing we do agree on is how technology has made us all a little lazy when it comes to sorting out our pictures.

The digital age has meant that we no longer have to run our 35mm film down to Boots or Snappy Snaps to be developed and then wait with anticipation to see which pictures actually came out!

I loved those days and to be honest, I actually think the quality was better. So, enough was enough. This week, we have sat down in front of the desktop for hours sorting through our memories and making a file of pictures we want and need to get developed.

These include pictures of the children, pictures from work and pictures from when Michael and I didn’t have bags under our eyes.

We don’t want it all stored up in the cloud somewhere never to be seen. I need those images to be tangible and stick some in all our keepsake boxes.

Another influencing factor was that after a year, there are still frames on the wall with strangers staring at me (the pictures which came with the frames) because I haven’t had time to get it sorted. I’m actually ashamed, especially when visitors have come round and asked if those random people are our friends!

I guess in this technological age where things move at an ever increasing pace, we tend to overlook those little things that can make us happy.

To change this, we decided to invest in a small Sony digital camera and every couple of weeks, take the sim card along to aforesaid retailers and finally get our treasured snapshots dotted around the house!