I have this theory that there are times and seasons for everything and our lives are broken down into chapters which often need a bit of adapting to.

I feel like I’m moving through another stage right now primarily dictated by my little ones. Spontaneity is a thing of the past and I now am controlled by the force that is a ‘schedule’!

This change has meant I’m exposed to a new circle of people and it almost feels like I’m back at school myself, learning the ropes.

I’m having to cultivate new relationships and am forging new friendships. It all feels a bit strange and I need to adjust.

So over the last few weeks in my quest to find out more about my new circle of friends I’ve heard interesting stories and some resulting in me being told about their pasts and berating themselves for decisions they’d made.

“I married the wrong person”. “I think I’ve made the wrong decision about a school”. And even, “I walked out of my job”.

All very different scenarios, and fascinating stories, but for each I found myself not so much interested in the minutiae, but more importantly, how did they feel now.

At the end of the day some of the situations we all go through may be unpleasant or confusing at the time, but how was it resolved? Did we get through it?

At the end of the day, we have no choice but to accept that some things will come to an end, whether it is a relationship, job, holiday, a period in time.

And looking back over the years, I’ve always been happier when I’ve accepted the change and moved on, besides most times the outcome has been better than expected.

I have new friends, go out less and don’t take life too seriously. So let’s raise a glass and thank our lucky stars for what we have right now.