Stone Roses guitar player Aziz Ibrahim is set to perform his unique Asian blues.

His latest album Rusholme Rock is inspired by the curry mile in Manchester and other places where he is from.

It is the first time Ibrahim has performed at the legendary venue the Putney Half Moon, which the songwriter said he is looking forward to.

Ibrahim has played guitar for the Stone Roses, post John Squire, and continues to write for Paul Weller and Ian Brown.

In his latest album the guitarist draws on his dual Pakistani and British heritage, performing alongside the punk rocker of tabla Dalbir Singh Rattan.

Paul Weller has dubbed the band "The White Stripes of Mumbai" and lists himself among their fans.
Ibrahim said: "All my music is affected by Manchester, it is not just some indie-schmindy.

"I want my music to be like the normal British music, it is just British music.

"I always judge gigs by the bar staff and the bouncers, if they are into it that is always encouragement."

Ibrahim, who hails from Longsight in Manchester lists Brixton Academy among his favourite venues to play and is looking forward to his début at The Half Moon.

Aziz, The Half Moon, Lower Richmond Road, Putney, November 25, Tickets £11.20, doors 8pm, or call 020 8780 9383