Students in one of Britain's wealthiest boroughs played host to students from one of the most deprived areas in Kenya.

Pupils from Blenheim High School, in Longmead Road, Epsom, welcomed three students and their teachers from Kisumu Day High School in Kenya between June 17 to July 1.

Comedian David Walliams was inspired to swim the River Thames for charity last year after visiting Kisumu. The area has no electricity and dirty drinking water, and the boys who came to Epsom sleep on hard floors, go to work after school and often go without an evening meal.

The schools have developed a partnership over the last two years and the visit was funded by a grant from the British Council and through the school’s fundraising.

The visitors participated in school lessons and visits, including having tea with the mayor, Councillor Christine Long, visiting a state-of-the-art recycling facility in London and attending the school’s science festival.

At the end of their trip the Kenyans said: "It has been brilliant and very exciting to meet with the Blenheim High School community as a whole and it has been fun studying with them.

"The Blenheim community has made me realise that there is education available all over the world and has encouraged me to move around the world in the future and not bind myself in my country.

"Britain has been the best place I’ve ever been to because of the hospitality and kindness of the English people.

"The students at Blenheim have made us feel so at home and the facilities at the school are extraordinary - the students are so lucky".