Two New Malden butchers enjoyed a meal of kangaroo during an appearance on hit TV show Come Dine With Me.

Roland and Anne Head, who have run The Real Butchers in Kingston Road since 1982, appeared on Channel 4's popular reality cooking programme last Thursday.

It meant a few late nights spent filming, coupled with running the shop during the day.

Mr Head, 64, said: "You're totally out of your comfort zone and it was very interesting.

"They spend the whole day round your house - they take all your pictures off the walls in case you've got a copyright on it.

"I would give it a nine out of 10."

The couple, from Collingwood Avenue, Worcester Park, were unsuccessful in the cooking competition - sarcastically narrated by comedian and presenter Dave Lamb - despite their delicious-sounding menu.

Mr Head added: "We started off with sweet potato and asparagus soup, with home made bread.

"The second course was noisettes of lamb with a honey and orange marinade.

"It was the best meal, but nobody else agreed.

"Anne does an apple cake with blueberries in it, with home made custard.

"It was a menu of our generation, rather than something up and at them, a modern one."

Mrs Head, 63, said: "It was scary but we had fun.

"I actually didn't want to do it - he thought it would be fun. In the end you just go with it.

"A lot of our friends knew anyway, but customers have seen it. They come in and say, 'We've seen you on the telly!'