Three men who ransacked a jeweller’s home, kidnapped him and robbed his store have been jailed for a total of 39 years.

Damon Denham, 27, of Kingsbury Drive, Old Windsor, and Stephen Evers 42, of Burns Avenue, Feltham, were found guilty of conspiring to rob Mark Reid after a week-long trial last month.

Eugene Gunderman, 27, of Queens Close, Old Windsor, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to rob on the morning of the trial after mobile phone evidence showed he was at Mr Reid’s house just before the robbery took place.

At Guildford Crown Court on Thursday, August 14, Judge Peter Moss sentenced Denham and Evers to 13-and-a-half years in prison, while Gunderman was handed a 12-year jail sentence.

Mr Reid, 48, who owns Gordon Marks silversmiths in Cobham High Street, was at his home in Ockham on October 14, 2012, when four masked men smashed their way into his lounge, throwing breezeblocks through a window.

At the trial, Mr Reid recalled how he ran from his living room and upstairs in an attempt to activate a panic alarm in the master bedroom, but was caught by two robbers who tied his hands behind his back and put a pillowcase over his head.

The robbers ransacked his home before he was driven in his own car to his jewellers in Cobham and was forced to let the masked men into the store.

They used crowbars to open shutters at the jewellers, stealing jewellery with a wholesale value of £98,700.

Mr Reid was able to escape and raise the alarm and a crowbar recovered from the jewellers after the raid was found to have Denham’s DNA on it.

Evers’ DNA was found inside a pocket on jeans at Mr Reid’s house and money had been stolen from them.

A further £22,000 worth of cash and valuables were also stolen from Mr Reid’s home, among them two shotguns that have never been recovered.

Delivering his sentence, judge Moss said: “I cannot and do not sentence any of you as taking a leading role in this.

“He [Mr Reid] was subjected to a long night of fear during which you committed the robbery.

“It is totally plain this was a professional operation and gang operating for high stakes with careful planning.

“I accept he was not seriously injured but there was the trauma of the event itself.”

In mitigation, the court was told Gunderman was full of resent for his actions and would not have the chance to see his two-and-a-half year old son grow up.