Kingston BNP’s "official" Twitter account has followed hate-filled tweeters who display Nazi icons including swastikas and SS insignia.

They include racist and anti-semitic accounts like K*LL Jews & Muslims, InTheOvenJews, Germanic Rising, The United reich and The New Führer.

Asked why, @KingstonBNP said: "The BNP does not converse with the press. Please do not contact us again. We are not interested."

Shortly after being contacted by the Surrey Comet the account hurriedly began un-following the offending tweeters.

BNP London organiser Stephen Squire said: "They are probably monitoring them, like people monitor our accounts to see what we say about them.

"I follow accounts that are nothing to do with the party. We are not an anti-Semitic party."

The @KingstonBNP tweeter, who claims to have the official account in the borough, originally referred the Comet to the party's central enquiries contact number.

But a worker there said: "We have no idea who runs that [account]."

Other accounts @KingstonBNP follows include South West Trains and Save the Dolphins.

In November last year the mother of Kingston’s only BNP council candidate David Child denied he sent racist tweets branding homosexuality a "sick, perverted mental disorder" and calling Muslims "smelly muzzies".

She said he must have been set up by fake accounts.