An unexploded hand grenade was found in a New Malden solicitors' office following 'a tidy up'.

Staff at Pearson Hards had a surprise at their offices on Friday afternoon, which are opposite the busy Fountain Roundabout in Kingston Road.

Police were originally called to reports of two rusty shotguns found in the Fountain House office but officers also discovered a hand grenade.

The firm, which deals with property and employment law, declined to comment today. There is no suggestion they knew about the weapons.

House-wife Jeeyoun Yim, 46, who lives next door, said: “Lots of police were here.

"They told us to stay inside in case of danger. The policeman said it’s not serious but just in case close the door."

Shop owner Barry Naik, from Fountain News, said: “The police came and cordoned the road off. People were inconvenienced but they were quite quick."



Police were called out at 2.40pm and specialist explosive officers declared the hand grenade safe by 6.25pm when the road was reopened.