The story of a declining dance culture aboard New York City's subway system has been captured on camera by an aspiring film maker from Kingston University.

Scott Carthy filmed the seven-minute short 1050.6(c) during a visit to the US east coast in March.

The graphics student from Drogheda, Ireland, had been inspired by a low-quality YouTube video of the dancers he saw last year.

Mr Carthy said: "I thought to myself, if I can capture these guys with a high-quality camera, I could make something intriguing that might spark people's interest."

The sight of dance crews acrobatically performing in subway cars is a common - if not always welcome - occurance in new York.

The NYPD has recently cracked down on the practice, with 182 arrests so far in 2014.

Mr Carthy's film takes its name from the section of the New York City Transit Rules of Conduct which prohibits performers from dancing within the subway cars.

Mr Carthy, 22, now wants to make a feature length film of the phenomenon before it disappears for good.

He has set up a Kickstarter campaign in order to raise money to get the project started.

He said: "I want to film these amazing performers now, because this could be the last chance to record this art form.

"If no one else does it, it will be gone."

Watch Scott Carthy's film 1050.6(c) below.