A tribunal has criticised Kingston Council for an "overt failure" to respond to a driver's appeal over her parking ticket.

Last October the driver was slapped with a £110 ticket in Kingston Hill for parking on the pavement.

CCTV images showed her car partly off the road at a doctor's surgery near Kingston Hospital, a decision notice from the Parking and Traffic Appeals service said.

But in fact the driver was waiting for a parking space to open up before she reversed into it.

Adjudicator Belinda Pearce said: "During these proceedings the appellant submitted full and detailed written and telephone representations, and produced confirmatory documentation in support. The points raised by the appellant in those representations deserved proper consideration.

"I observe an overt failure to adequately identify/rebut or retort to the appellant's issues."

The council committed a "procedural impropriety" by not doing so, she said.

The driver's appeal was allowed.