I still regularly get asked about how I cope with two children close in age and get that look that says “oh it must be very stressful for you”.

Just for the record it’s great, manageable and keeps me fit.

When anyone has their first child, they’ll tell you that life changes in many ways but you simply adjust, and that’s what happens no matter how many children you have, whatever the age gap may be or the personal situation you find yourself in.

Today, as the sun beams through the kitchen and I hear my son playing with his train track and have my baby girl pull herself up next to me, I feel like life just gets better.

Seeing them develop and grow is incredible and makes you appreciate everything you have and puts life into perspective.

I am so looking forward to the summer and have already started planning days out and I have to say, you do rack your brains trying to think of new things and activities to do in order to keep the children entertained.

So far so good, and by bedtime the day has been so jam-packed, all four of us can’t wait to jump into bed.

Bath time routine is fun though. There’s running around, tickling and lots of playful pillow fights which ended up with me bumping my head on the chair the other evening. Silly mummy!

Once the baths are out of the way, the background sound of Classic FM helps calm things down, which is then rounded off with a bedtime story.

The children sit in their beanbags and get so excited listening to either Michael or I read out loud to them.

It’s when you tuck them in bed and see them sleeping soundly that you understand why it’s all so worth it.

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