This week I was asked by a young inquisitive singleton if I remembered what life was like before having children.

Coincidentally Michael and I recently had that very conversation which went along the lines of “remember when we used to have a lie in?” and “remember when we used to go out for meals?” and also “remember when we could do what we wanted when we wanted to?”.

So the answer to the question was of course I reminisce about the good old days before two became four, but now, the irony is, I can’t imagine life without my children.

One thing I have forgotten is what it’s like to have a tidy house. I am forever putting away toys or tripping over them.

Michael moans about it constantly; however he soon changed his tune when, the other day, he slipped on a soft toy and at the same time bent his toes backwards.

Ouch! After I made sure his toes were still intact, I was in absolute hysterics and it was my son who sympathetically asked his dad if he was OK while stroking his head before he too burst out laughing.

My baby girl is now pulling herself up whenever she can and loves grabbing her big brother’s toy cars, which he finds amusing, thankfully.

They are now inseparable, which is beautiful to watch. It seems like every day there is a new development, a new word mastered and a new memorable funny moment – today I had my face covered in stickers and I spilled pureed fruit all over my jeans. Hey ho!

At the end of the day, you learn to adapt and roll with the changes hoping that your other half plans a romantic night out now and then.

No pressure Michael!