Staff at Next Kingston are wearing wellies still with the price tags on from the store to clean up flooding in the basement, writes Kit Sproson.

The basement has been affected by flooding since Friday. 

Penny Binstead, who went into the store in the Market Place today, said: "I was queuing up and the staff were frantically running around and saying 'we have got a bit of a flood.'

"They were wearing their wellies with the tags still on and explained if it rains anymore today they would have to close the store."

Customers asked to go downstairs to look at the flooding but were told staff had managed to clean up the water.

A spokesman for Next said there had been "a little water" but that the store was not expected to close.

The weather for Kingston is forecasted to be heavy rain early this afternoon followed by light showers until the evening.

Flood warnings for the Thames were downgraded yesterday afternoon. But the Environment Agency is warning people to stay vigilant.